MalVisa – FIFA World Cup 2018


FIFA eWorld Cup 2018

And you thought the folks at MalVisa didn’t have fun!

We love football and it’s our turn to give something back.




20 thoughts on “MalVisa – FIFA World Cup 2018”

  1. Germany can be the champion again but who know Russian can make it! Football spirit is for the king of sports!!!

  2. Who will win, I’m predicating, Russia
    There’s nothing like a World Cup, four weeks of unadulterated football where some days there’s four games a day and you actually get upset by the two days you have to wait between the quarter and semi finals.
    Not sure about the rest of you but I pretty much live details of my life around what was going on at each World Cup.

  3. As the writer said , Malvisa is not all work. We play football too. I love football from a very young boy. Always was a Brazil supporter but they fail you at the last moment. Never had any other team I like even though Germany are always the favourite. This time I am supporting Brazil again for reasons I myself don’t understand but there is something inside me that says Egypt will make an impact this time, off course not even semis but there is a player name Mo Salah. He plays for Liverpool. He is now being said the Egyptian Messi. Lets see how far Egyptians will go in this 2018 world cup.

    Malvisa invites you to have some fun. Its good for the soul. Follow us , we will update as days goes by, Hoping FIFA also will like our page. Hahaha.

    Enjoy the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup….

    1. I am for Brazil for the beautiful game they play.
      Anyway the winner is the team that puts in the goal……
      Lets have the fiesta!!!
      Thanks for the page bro.

  4. This MALVISA website is super great…wow – 3X thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    At one glance, I got more scheduling info on FIFA World Cup too. Yay …Good of the admin to add such info for football die hards.!!!
    My crystal ball reading says Brazil be the winner but that pesky octopus says Russsia.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall…what say you ?

    Regardless of the winner, its Party time…breakout the pizza and coke ……

  5. World Cup incomplete without a former champion, Italy!! I hope Argentina win, for Messi’s sake.

  6. Hi Malvisa team. Fascinating to note that you guys are not all work. Great that you have this forum on the world cup. Keep up your excellent service and friendliness.

  7. Italy and the Netherlands are probably the biggest absentees from this yearโ€™s World Cup. Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina are all favorites to win the competition on the other hand.

  8. Its known as The World Game FOR A REASON Guys !
    It brings the World together !
    Focus on Work and Immerse in Soccer . En Joy

    1. Brazil might take you for a ride at the last minute. NO NO for the English, they are as good as their Entertainment Premier League (EPL)…. Biggest surprise Egypt, not winning but major improvement in World Ranking after the FIFA World Cup. Thank you for MO SALLAH. Argentina will disappoint Messi again…Russia good as the host, sure they will be good host…

      So its Germany again for their discipline work rate on and off the field ….

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